St George's Staycation

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Join us on Saturday 11 November for a fun packed day at St George’s… a Staycation!

During the day, we’re going on an imaginary train journey. On this journey, we’ll have the opportunity to grow as a church community, build friendships, play games and, of course, enjoy some tasty food! 

The engine roars into life at 10.00am so make sure you’re on board and ready to go. As we travel from station to station, we’ll learn more about our surroundings (the church community) through a variety of interviews, talks and presentations.

At each stop, there will be games and challenges, an opportunity to stretch our legs along with plenty of tea and coffee. 

The afternoon will see activities to entertain the kids while the adults enjoy a relaxed time talking in groups. As the train nears the journey’s end, we’ll all gather to worship together. 

Lunch will be provided in the on-board buffet car and, once we reach our destination, you will be treated to a delicious evening meal.

A day of fun with friends and food for £5, plus kids go free!

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Attendee Types

  • £5 – Adult ticket
  • £0 – Child ticket (children to be accompanied by an adult)
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Event Details

  • November 11
    10:00 am - 6:30 pm